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         VDO Filling Machine for Drinking Yoghurt.

Filling Machine for Drinking Yoghurt.

      Thank you. The Royal Chitralada Projects for believe in Delmax machine and service to buy Rotary Capping Machine 4 Heads. Customer use this machine with existing machine line. #Capping machine #Screw Capping Machine#Rotary Capping Machine 4 Heads.

      Rotary Monobloc composes of 24 heads of Rotary Filling Machine, 2 heads of Cutting Foil, 12 heads of Sealing Foil and 8 heads of Capping by Tighthening Cap. All of Machine is on one Table Machine, so speed in running machine is faster. As well as, There is 24 heads of Rinsing Machine. Rinsing and Rotary Monobloc are connected in one Machine Line. These Machine line are composed of Rinser/ Filler/ Cutting-Sealing Foil/ Cap Sorter-Capper/ Washing Outside Bottle for Round PE Bottle in size 150, 200, 400 and 800 ml. Run on speed 150 bottle/minute.